Do we have to live with these forceful ads?

Marketing is what everyone need to get their sales up and mostly this happens with the help of Advertisements (Ads) as the most traditional way of reaching audience. Every Ads Publisher is trying to find each day a new way on how they can reach towards maximum audience just to grab the count of impressions as to present to the advertisers because of which now we see Ads almost every where like T.V. (most common since ages), Internet over websites, mobile applications etc.

Previously it was seen that Airtel/Vodafone private companies pushing their Ads into website’s that are regularly browsed by users which didn’t carry SSL certificates means sites that didn’t start with “https://“. These are private companies always carrying hunger for more money finds various ways to irritate common people with different Ads.

But now I lately saw some more ads being pushed promoting MTNL, I rechecked my browser for any bad plugins/addons being added who also pushes ads, but there was nothing such, this makes it clear that now a well reputed Government firm has also found out the same way to reach maximum audience for getting just the count of impressions. Are they not happy earning out of the poor and sometimes very nice service they been providing to common people, is the income generated low that are making them push such advertisements? I have been asking such queries myself and have no clue. Below is the sample of ad seen on some of our websites

Is there a way we can get rid of such forcefully injected ads into our browser while browsing any ads? Yes, as not a promotion but using any simple or popular Ad Block addon in your browser can help get rid of lots of activities that you may not be willing to see, thanks to such addons, at-least they care for common people.

But the question again remains, what more ways are Advertisement Publisher’s gonna make the common people irritate, I see Smart Watches, Google Glass would be their next target of ad’s platform and later a holographic content coming right in front of us saying “Shout Skip in 5 seconds, to continue your regular activity“.

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