Happy Guru Purnima

“Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwara, Guru Saakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namaha”


I believe that any living being that inspires you to live, enriches the way of living, is a guru. Age doesn’t count, instead experience and contribution does. One becomes guru by deeds, one becomes guru by karma, but the most important, ‘one becomes guru by disciple’. Now, what does that mean? A guru is said to be complete by his/her disciple. When a disciple learns to lead his/her life with peace and enlightenment, it is indeed a blessing for his/her guru. Here, nor success neither failure matters. What matters is the devotion that they have for their gurus.

No living being is born as a master. It is their conscience that awakens the teacher in them. Then, to whom do we address as guru? It’s simple. They could be each and everyone around you. That varies from people to people. If I say ‘ a pigeon sitting in my balcony is my guru ‘, then most of you might think that I am crazy enough to say so. But, the truth doesn’t change, its remains instinct. Have you ever seen a pigeon making its nest. Well, I am very lucky in this case. You might wonder what’s so lucky in this!!!!! Definitely it is. Just you need to change the way of looking at things. Pigeon always come to my balcony with a piece of dry grass in its beak and places it around. It does this more than a fifty times, each time flying down to the garden, picking up the dry grass and placing them together. It does this for building its house, its nest. And what I usually do is, take a stick and throw out their nest from my balcony. How cruel I am, right!! But, they don’t give it up. Each time I do it, they collect them again and starts building all the way from start. Now, tell me how many of us actually have such patience and dedication towards our work in life? I was defeated by a pigeon but at the same time it made me realize that if a bird with delicate wings and small beak can conquer its house, why can’t we humans conquer the world.

On this occasion, I would like to take this platform as an opportunity to thank many people in my life to whom I may be a brother, a son, a student, a friend, but for me they are no more or less my gurus.

My Parents, to whom I owe my life, for making me a good person, a good individual. What I am today, where I am today, is all because of them.

My school teachers, right from nursery to SSC, who helped me to identify good qualities within me. The nursery rhymes that they taught, the applause and encouragement that I got for my studies and extra-curricular activities are still fresh in my mind.

My college teachers, right from my 11th to MCA, who always guided me to achieve my academic goals. Their kindness and caring always inspires me to move forward.

Sir, Rajesh Patkar, who inspired me to look at things in a different way. His Java lectures made me super crazy to develop things on an easy go.

My friend-cum-mentor, Rohan Sakhale, who made me realize that I have the potential to be a software developer. His caring nature and leadership qualities always inspires me. It is his inspirations and encouragement that today I am a member of SAI parivar.

My brother, Sreejith Kini, who always been my mentor, my guru at every stage of my life. No matter problems come, no matter what-so-ever happens, he is the one who has taught me that life is a place to take things smartly. He is younger by age, but always elder for me.

A 3-year cute girl next to my door, who always make me realize that humans have brain to analyse things and take decisions and not just to store garbage.

My MCA group, ‘MCA Punters’, who always cared for me, always taught me to live life with no worries, who led me the way of goodness and friendship.

And of-course, the small pigeon, from whom I realized that hard work never fails.

There are many more friends, many more people and also whom I may even not know by names, but has some or the other way influenced my life, without expecting anything in return, just love and care. Thank you so much.

“Guru always leads his/her disciple to the path of enlightenment”

This Guru Purnima, reach out to each and everyone, no matter what their age is, not matter who they are, if they have made your life meaningful, make their life meaningful by wishing them,

‘A Very Happy Guru Purnima‘


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