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Every time I put my fingers on keyboard, I make sure to write on “Information Technology”. But this time it’s not for programming but for a good cause, for a good reason, for owing my respect, infact our (SAI’s) respect for women.

Come on, always being professional makes Jack a dull boy, but always being respectful to women is a good culture. Today, I and Bob are here to stand for women.

‘W’ » ‘M’

“Women are stronger than Men; these are no fake words, but the truth”

I being a man, what am I proud of? Why are we men so arrogant? Is that because of great muscles that we have, or is that because we own a good bunch of bad words that we can use whenever we like? Or is that because we are the one who go out in heat and bring the wheat? All sounds bullshit. If these are the reasons we say we are powerful, then “All men out there, including me”, lets cry out together for being so cheap in reasoning.

Which is the safest place on this earth to live?

Hmm……..Area 51, Fort Knox, Cheyenne Mountain? Really? Hahaha, then you are wrong. The safest place in the whole universe is the “Mother’s Womb”. What a role she plays. Marvelous!!! Like a warrior she prepares herself, strong and determined, she moves forward with courage and happiness. She knows the journey is no short, but each step through nine months is a magical voyage.

How many fights can we sustain, how much pain can we afford? Getting a push inside a local train is a World War for us, right men?? Just think about her. Bearing a pain of 57 Del is not a joke, equivalent to breaking of 20 bones together at a time. And if you think this was a joke then come to my home, I can try out a couple of punches on you men out there. It’s the love and care that the mother shows for her baby.

It’s not over. We have “world’s best products in the market to feed baby with blah blah blah advantages”. I put an open challenge to each of these; prove me that they are better than “Mother’s Milk”. I dare. Nothing can replace Mother’s milk for a baby. So true. I am big enough today to speak out; I owe this to my mom. The way she brought me up with love and care, she deserves a standing ovation with lots and lots of love and respect.

It’s not over. There’s someone with whom I can play. There’s someone with whom I can share things. There’s someone with whom I can fight. Don’t take me wrong, it’s the not that fight as if war. It’s the notorious mischief we do. It is she from whom I get the thread of love tied on my hand. My sister. She is the one who makes me realize the respect for women. She saves me from parents when they shout at me; she forgives me for my mischief. Why does she do so? For something in return?? No, that’s where she as a woman stands strong and brave.

Being strong does not mean standing in front of a lion and saying “Aaaaaja”. Being strong means loving from heart and saying “Aaaaaja”. That’s love.

If you think that I am just talking about the greatness of women, then it’s not over. Have courage to hear the truth. She helps me in studies; she makes me feel that I am a good friend and good human being. She laughs when I crack PJs. She cares for me when I get tensed. She is my friend. Women prove to be better friends than Men. Why? They listen to their heart. Many might thing this is foolishness. Sorry, but thinking this as foolishness is not less than being a fool. How? Though the world’s master plans and hi-tech gadgets are designed applying brains, every beat of heart survives the brain. Heart reflects the soul and that’s where women stand forward than men.

Many roles women play. Mother, Sister, Friend, Wife. But, today none of them get the respect they deserve.

What do I mean by respect? Here is what I mean:

A man in a local train gets a push, what does he do. Forget doing, he just shouts “Ma**, Ben***”. Is this the source of energy for him to fight back or does that mean that he is powerful enough to fight back. Crap. I will say that he is the weakest person on this earth.

You might say its regular practice by everyone, I say it’s a cheap practice by every men.

Have you ever imagined to whom you are referring while saying these bad words, these cheap words? We can’t fall so down to earth. Using such cheap practices it shows how much we respect women.

What should we men be proud of? Is it the never ending rapes that are going on, or is it the human trafficking that’s exploiting the women? Come on, standing in public and staring at girls is not an Oscar. Taking dowry is not an Oscar. Harassing women at house is not an Oscar. Then what should be we proud of?

It’s the pain that women take, it’s the hard work that they do, and it’s the love and care that they show. This is what we must be proud of.

Appreciating women will not lessen your image; it’s all about understanding, not all about ego.

It’s high time that men need to change their thinking, their attitude towards women.

“Women are not doll to be played with, but a pure soul to be worshiped”

“Be a real man by protecting a woman, not by harassing a woman”


I truly appreciate you all for being part of my life, for contributing happiness and strength for which I owe my life to you all.

I admit “Women are the strongest”.

This “I” is not only me. It’s every individual human being that respects women.

Raping them, harassing them, beating them is cowardliness. Be brave and come forward to say “Women are the strongest, and I am there to protect you, not harass you”. Each one saying this, showing this in their behavior will mean a lot to them.

If you liked reading this blog then don’t comment here, instead take a step forward to reach every women in your life and thank them for being there, respect them and assure them that you are always there for them and not against them.


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