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Iyla rises from the purity of an emotion. A labour of love born from the heart. Taking Indian artisanal crafts, understanding their finer meaning and presenting it in a new perspective in clothing. A perspective that holds the heritage of traditional textile crafts and handloom prime and adding to it’s glory a conscious sense of contemporary design.

Life stories inspire our creative processes. In every thread, every stitch, in every piece of handmade clothing, we aim to transcend across seasonal trends, making garments for every whim of your wardrobe.

About us

The label was founded by Shreya Anand, an alumna of London College of Fashion and a Celebrity, Ad Film and Personal wardrobe stylist. Her years of experience in dressing the modern Indian woman set firm our foundation that pays keen attention to the relationship with body shapes and garment movements. From the warp and weft of a fabric to the way it twists, unfolds and envelops the body.

Through our journey of exploration, we humbly strive to ensure versatility, be it in our artisanal fabrics, the techniques and patterns. Every detail has a reason, each layer responds to the other. Every garment shares a bond with the other.

In each collection, the relationships are precious at Iyla. The one between the weave and the design, the heart and hand, us and you. Such is the beautiful co relation that makes our journey at Iyla fascinating and experiential.

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