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Amul Sir’s Private Coaching Classes (ASP) is an Educational Institution running in Bhayander West since 1995. The classes specialises in SSC, HSC(Science and Commerce) and CET preparations.

This app is an initiative of the class to let its students take online tests anytime they wish round the clock and get immediate results which can be of immense value for last moment revision before examination. Also this methodology helps while a lecture is going on the students can quickly give the topic they are learning, to get more confidence on what teaching is going on.

The questions for tests on the app are verified by subjects experts for important topics and objectives study.

A studen can give instant MCQ Test based on Subject, Chapters and Individual Topics as well and get instant results of the given test.

The Android Application, maintains the complete history of the student giving you the performance metrics about his/her improvements. A student can always easily retry a failed test with new set of questions, so it saves time as avoiding to select the same parameters for creating new test.

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