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Do we have to live with these forceful ads?

Marketing is what everyone need to get their sales up and mostly this happens with the help of Advertisements (Ads) as the most traditional way of reaching audience. Every Ads Publisher is trying to find each day a new way on how they can reach towards maximum audience just to grab the count of impressions as to present to the advertisers because of which now we see Ads almost every where like T.V. (most common since ages), Internet over websites, mobile applications etc.

My Experience with ASP

For me going school was just a regular day with no path why we are doing this until I met Claira Miss, in sixth standard, where I learnt importance of education and started scoring good since sixth standard but the path was not clear yet. Why are we studying, it was regular mugging up and scoring goods.

Happy Women's Day : W>>M

Every time I put my fingers on keyboard, I make sure to write on “Information Technology”. But this time it’s not for programming but for a good cause, for a good reason, for owing my respect, infact our (SAI’s) respect for women.


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